Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Low Spend Outline

Happy New Year!! Lord knows I'm ready for a new year and a whole new me! 2012 will be bringing a lot of changes to my life and as far as make-up goes, I'm kicking off 2012 year with a low-buy!
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I considered doing a no-buy but let's be honest, I would fail miserably at that. At first I was just planning to do this for myself, but now it seems to be necessary to use up what I have in my stash. I want to weed through the random products to figure out what I love and try to stick to those products in the future. This is going to be all-inclusive for any beauty related products, everything from skincare and makeup to bath products and nail polish.

My Rules:

  • $20 per month to spend on anything that I wish. This amount does not include pp funds, gift-cards, reward dollars or swaps. The monthly amount is accumulative so if I do not spend my $20 in January or February, I then have $60 to spend in March and so on. This amount does NOT count toward replacing an empty staple product such as moisturizer, cleanser or shampoo.
  • Foundation- May rebuy ONE liquid foundation if I decide it's HG worthy. Rebuy TM when depleted.
  • Primer- Will purchase 1 new primer, Biore Facial milk, before warm weather arrives. Must use up all other primers before purchasing any others.
  • Mascara- Only 2-3 open tubes at a time. May rebuy one base/primer as needed. 
  • Lipsticks- NONE. Use what's in stash.
  • Powder- Need loose setting powder before summer
  • Lipgloss- can replace Buxom Trixie with dupe but no new shades, I just don't wear them that often.

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The Exceptions:

  • Sephora 20% off or VIB events: can stock up on staples, ONLY buy items I've been lemming for long time.
  • Ulta: Only use coupons to stock upon staples or long-time lemmings.
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 palette: purchase whenever it comes in-stock and I have funds.

I'm hoping to get up posts containing pictures of my entire stash this month, before I start purging out things I don't need.
**The following posts are not up to date yet, it will take me a while to inventory and take pictures of my entire stash**

The Product Roundup AKA My Stash:

Base Products:


Eyeshadow Singles; loose and pressed
Brow products

Lip liners
Lip glosses and balms

Skin care:
Body wash and cleansers
Facial cleansers
Masks, scrubs and treatments
Moisturizers and lotions

Hair care:
Shampoo and conditioner
Styling products
Brushes and tools

Tools of the trade:
Cosmetic Brushes
Eyelash curlers

Base Coats/top coats

Have you ever successfully completed a low or no buy? Do you have any make-up related resolutions? Any tips for me make it through the year successfully?

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  1. Your low buy sounds much more achievable than my no-buy! Good luck with it though :)