Saturday, October 29, 2011


 I got all of this stuff in the past few weeks so I thought I would share. I've also got a haul from Sleek, *squeals* but it's getting it's own post and review.

It must seem like I'm constantly hauling, but I swear that's not the case. :D I'm pretty much done for awhile and I'm putting the finishing touches on a low/np-buy 2012. Still working out the details on it though, I seem to do better if I have a structured situation. 

Sephora Friends & Family Sale:
I only have a cell pic of this haul since I needed to get it put away before the hubs got home from work.


  • Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color - Beam White
  • Illamasqua Powder Blusher - Panic
  • Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection
  • Art of Shaving The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave™ Carry-On
  • Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake 
  • OPI for SEPHORA Nail Colour - Sale - Going Nude, Eh?
  • OPI for SEPHORA Nail Treatment - Base Coat
  • Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lip
  • Shiseido Foundation Brush 
  • Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 
  • Anastasia Classic Stencils
  • Happy Birthday - Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath
  • Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser
The last two products were both free! The Philosophy 3-in-1 was my Beauty Insider Birthday gift and they were offering deluxe full-size bottles of Purity as a BI 100-pt perk!

Illamasqua Panic; Shiseido Beam White

I love this little brush. It's like my baby. <3


My mother needed to run by and pick up some things that she had rain-checks for, so being the most awesomest of daughters that I am, I obliged to go with her.
The Sinful Colors nail polish was on sale for $.99 each so I bought 9 shades. Willpower is not my strong point, of this I am aware.

Left to right:
Easy Going
Boogie Nights
Cream Pink
Ruby Ruby
Lying Nails
Mint Apple
Rise and Shine

I saw a clearance sticker on this Wet n Wild eyeshadow in Penny and then did a quick google search and saw that a few said it was a dupe for MAC's expensive pink, so I picked it up for $.99 as well. I don't have expensive pink to compare, but it's a great shade regardless.

Two swipes on top, heavily swatched on bottom

Not a bad trip to Walgreens, IMO!

What have you been hauling recently?

Happy Birthday to Me!

My cake!

Or happy belated birthday, anyways. Another year older, though it seems more like 5 years older. Here's to hoping that 25 is better than 24, especially consider that I officially have to say I'm in my "mid-twenties." 
Me & the Hubs

Grown-up birthdays are never as fun as birthdays when you're a kid, though I take full delight in the planning of my kids parties, so I live through them I guess. My birthday agenda consisted of going to eat at my favorite Chinese resturant, eating birthday cake and watching my new movie, Fast Five. 


*Swoon* Vin Diesel has been at the top of my list for 10 years. I'm pretty sure he'll stay there until I die. :D

Me & the chitlins!!
Anywho! It's time like these, (aka, when others take pictures of me,) that I realize I need to invest in a foundation sans SPF. I'm pale enough, I don't need to look more washed out in photos.

I wanted to do something different than the norm for my FOTD, but alas I reached for my Fall favorite of gold eyes and red lips. 
Please excuse my brows, I've been growing them out to reshape. 

Clinique DDMG
ClearprepFX mattifier
MAC studio fix fluid foundation/revlon colorstay mix
Benefit erase paste
MUFE HD finishing powder
Tarte AC Blush in dollface

BE luster- highlight
BE hiking trail-lid
KVD rebekah-crease
KVD peanut-inside corner
UD 24/7 liner in zero-tightline &eyelid
UD 24/7 liner in baked- lower lash line
Benefit They're Real mascara- upper lashes
Fairydrops Las Vegas Platinum mascara-lower lashes

MAC liner in subculture
Revlon matte Fabulous Fig-blotted and covered with Revlon lip butter in Red Velvet

I also had to go get my license renewed this week, so I went with a my-face-but-better look since I want to make sure the police officer can recognize me the next time I commit some horrible crime.
It's my quick eyes look of Urban Decay Virgin on tear duct & highlight, UD sin all over lid & UD toasted in crease. Lips are Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie

Hair-blowing wind provided by mother nature

The license pics:

L to R: New pic, Old pic
Yikes! Think I've changed much in the past 4 years? For the better, I hope!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters Review

New to the Colorburst line from Revlon are the Lip Butters!
I already happen to be a fan of Revlon's lip products, and these are no exception. These are all the rage right now throughout the beauty blogosphere, so of course when I saw them at my local Rite Aid during their 40% off Revlon sale, I picked up a few. :D

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters L to R: Candy Apple, Red Velvet, Berry Smoothie, Pink Truffle

Red Velvet has the most pigment and solid color. A fabulous deep red that I think will flatter most. The color automatically makes me think of red velvet cake. Yum!
Candy Apple is bright, clean red shade but a bit sheer on the lips, at least when compared to Red Velvet.
Berry Smoothie is my new fave MLBB (my lips but better) shade, it's a sheer berry pink. I've been carrying it in my purse every day since I bought it. We might be BFFs. <3
Pink Truffle is also a good MLBB shade in brownish-pink. I would prefer a little more pink, but it's still a nice shade.

L to R: Red Velvet, Berry Smoothie, Pink Truffle

Candy Apple

Swatches are 2 swipes each in natural light.

I thoroughly suck at take pics of my lips. They always look like crap. 
This is a feeble attempt, lol.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters L to R: Red Velvet, Berry Smoothie, Candy Apple, Pink Truffle 

These are very moisturizing, creamy and have a good amount of pigment. They don't feel like a traditional lipstick when on the lips, but like I have on a super moisturizing yet pigmented lip balm. The color is easily build-able for the more sheer colors; swipe and go for a hint of color or add a couple layers for an intense color. The packaging is certainly not my favorite and I think that it looks a bit tacky. The good news is that the cap is the same color as the lip butter so if you have several it's easy to grab the one you want. I seem to get about 2-3 hours of wear time with these which is good for me, most lipsticks barely last an hour. These are permanent and not limited edition, so they will eventually show up everywhere. Since this new product is receiving a lot of hype, I don't want to build up your expectations too much for fear of letdown, but I think they're worth it. They're definitely worth grabbing a couple if you see them in your store!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

...Almost A Redhead

For many years I debated on dying my hair red, and I finally decided to take the plunge. I wanted a color similar to Amy Adams and my hairdresser thought it would be fabulous for me.

...but then I chickened out and decided to just put red streaks in the first time.

I have a stacked bob type of haircut, so we made the back a solid strawberry blonde and ran streaks through the top and sides.


I'm actually quite fond of the way it turned out. The color is flattering with my skin-tone. I really like the dimension that the steaks give my hair so now I'm not sure if I want to do all over color the next time or do another round of streaks. Thoughts?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Depotting Urban Decay Primer Potion

Sorry that I've gotten behind on my blogging since I hurt my back, but hopefully I can get caught up this week. On with the show!

For many, (myself included,) Urban Decay Primer Potion, (UDPP for short) is a must have for keeping the shadow on your lids from creasing. I use it daily.
I was using a sample size bottle of UDPP and I had gotten to the point where I was hardly picking up any product on the wand. I decided to give de-potting it a go, as so many have done so successfully in the past.

But Cassie, why make the effort to depot this sample size when you have a couple of new tubes waiting in the drawer? Well, after seeing how much product was left inside on some of the YouTube videos, curiosity got the best of me.

The Essentials

Cutting board
Knife- I found that a combination of straight edge blade and serrated blade make the most impact
Jar for depotting- I used an empty Clinique sample jar.

Pulling out the stopper
First I pulled out the stopper, which is something you can do to get more product out without chopping it up, but really I just wanted to play. :D
If you're fingernails aren't long enough to pry out the stopper you can grab a pair of tweezers.

Pretty little bottle with a gash in the side.

I started sawing on the bottle but it wasn't making it all the way through, so I grabbed a serrated edge knife and it immediately broke through the inner plastic. However, tThe serrated knife is not good for sawing on the outside so I turned the bottle a bit and repeated the process until I was able to break the tube.



I grabbed a toothpick to scrape the tiny shards of plastic out of the primer and then used the wand that came with the bottle to transfer product to the empty jar. A lot of the YT tutorials talk about tiny spatulas or other small utensils but it's really just easiest to use what's already handy.

WOW, were my efforts ever rewarded! I couldn't believe how much product I got out of this tiny little bottle. I would never have thought that there was this much product in the bottle to begin with, so I was pleasantly surprised to see enough left to last another month or longer.

UDPP, now a convenient jar!

It was pretty easy to do, but I wouldn't do it again on a bottle this small. Holding the tiny bottle in place with a big knife is tricky, and I would prefer to keep all of my fingers. I'm sure I will chop up the last 2 genie bottles I have, I certainly don't want to waste any of my HG eye primer!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mail Time, Drugstore & Big Lots Haul!

Last week was pretty good as far as cosmetics go. I made two trips to CVS, received some international goodies, did a 20% off haul from my local Big Lots and had my first swap over on MUA!

CVS & Mail Part One
Yes, I ate the whole candy bar. Jealous?

Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Ivory- I wanted this to mix with my Studio Fix Fluid to make the shade wearable for winter. As my summer color fades it's becoming too dark. :( Bonus points for getting $4 bucks back at CVS!
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fuchsia Fusion- My first Fuchsia lip. Wdyt?  It's a bit faded in the pic below, but I'm really loving it.
Don't mind the DH in the background

Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara- wanted to compare it to the US version. Oddly enough, it was cheaper to buy on eBay plus shipping than to walk into Sephora and buy the US version. :/
Canmake Gokubuto Mascara- Another from Japan. I'm a mascara junkie, I want to try them all.
Not pictured is the Revlon Photoready foundation that I received in a swap.

CVS Part Two
CVS pt 2!
Wet N Wild Knock on Wood close-up

I went back to CVS because a certain eyeshadow trio caught my eye in-store, but I put it back. When I stumbled across some ladies talking about it, I just *had* to go back and get it.

Swatched L to R" Eyelid, Crease, Browbone
Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Trio in Knock on Wood- These colors are fabulous for Fall!!

I also picked up some Halloween makeup. Alex and I are both going to wear dia de los Muertos skulls this year. :D

Big Lots
Big Lots haul!

Big Lots had 20% off of EVERYTHING  in the store for rewards members, so we stopped by.  Apparently they've already done this a couple times this year, but this was the first time I've heard about it. Several of my items were beauty related so they count as part of my haul. ;)

Sterilite 3 drawer storage unit- I needed this for the bathroom,  as the one I currently have is overflowing.
Plastic Shoebox- this is for nail polish, as every other container that I've tried isn't tall enough for those darn OPI bottles.
Nail Polish Remover
Bumble & Bumble Hair cleanser- This retails for $20+ at Sephora but I found it for $6!
Ecotools Wooden Foot scrubber- At only $3, how could I say no? 
Bonne Bell Vanilla Lip set- will make a perfect stocking stuffer for Hannah since she loves lip stuff.
3 pack scented chapsticks- this is for Hannah as well.
2 pack Revlon nailpolish- only $2, this one is ALSO for Hannah, I'm planning to make her a little "beauty bag" as one of her bday presents. She's such a diva.
CG nailpolishes- These were only $.50!! Too bad I could only find 2 shades. You guessed it, another Hannah gift.
Navy headband- I am 24 and I have a thing for headbands. No shame here!
Princess Plates- Because Hannah saw them and HAD to have them. That's what I get for taking the two year old with me!!
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Luminous Pink- only $2!
Luminous PInk

Very sheer, but a gorgeous shade!

Didn't I previously say something about a Project 10 Pan? Yeah... totally failing that one. :/ I am still trying to use up those products, but I currently can't fight the urge to buy. I shall blame this week on the fact that Adam was out of school for Fall break and then he got sick, so I needed a pick-me-up. :) Whatever works, right? ;)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pink & Plum FOTD

On this particular day, I applied my makeup with minimal interruption from Hannah. (That's a feat all by itself!) When I went outside to take photos, I should have known this wasn't going to go well when she ran out to me begging for new polish. She is nail-polish obsessed and wants to change her color every day.
"Pweeeease, Momma!!"

It turns out that this is one of those looks that does not photograph well, the colors just look blah on camera. Had I realized this sooner, I would have intensified the color a bit and then retook the pictures but I became distracted by a monkey crawling on my back.

"I wanna sit up here!"

Then of course, Miss Priss needed to be in pictures to show off her lipgloss.
She doesn't look like me at all.....
Then there was the inevitable kissy face photos.
Hot stuffs!
She's much too cool to smile. :/

After all of that, I ended up with one almost-decent shot of my makeup. It's all good though, since the photos of Hannah are priceless. <3 
Better next time, I promise!
You get whatcha get!

Cover FX primer
SFF in nc15
MUFE HD powder
Benefit erase paste
Nars orgasm blush

Clinique Eye shadow duo in Strawberry Fudge
Mary Kay shadow in White Sheen
Benefit They're real! Mascara
UD 24/7 Ransom on waterline
UD liquid liner in Roach 

Sephora lip liner in Native Nude
Clinique lipsticks- A Different Grape with a touch of Glow Bronze