Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Depotting Urban Decay Primer Potion

Sorry that I've gotten behind on my blogging since I hurt my back, but hopefully I can get caught up this week. On with the show!

For many, (myself included,) Urban Decay Primer Potion, (UDPP for short) is a must have for keeping the shadow on your lids from creasing. I use it daily.
I was using a sample size bottle of UDPP and I had gotten to the point where I was hardly picking up any product on the wand. I decided to give de-potting it a go, as so many have done so successfully in the past.

But Cassie, why make the effort to depot this sample size when you have a couple of new tubes waiting in the drawer? Well, after seeing how much product was left inside on some of the YouTube videos, curiosity got the best of me.

The Essentials

Cutting board
Knife- I found that a combination of straight edge blade and serrated blade make the most impact
Jar for depotting- I used an empty Clinique sample jar.

Pulling out the stopper
First I pulled out the stopper, which is something you can do to get more product out without chopping it up, but really I just wanted to play. :D
If you're fingernails aren't long enough to pry out the stopper you can grab a pair of tweezers.

Pretty little bottle with a gash in the side.

I started sawing on the bottle but it wasn't making it all the way through, so I grabbed a serrated edge knife and it immediately broke through the inner plastic. However, tThe serrated knife is not good for sawing on the outside so I turned the bottle a bit and repeated the process until I was able to break the tube.



I grabbed a toothpick to scrape the tiny shards of plastic out of the primer and then used the wand that came with the bottle to transfer product to the empty jar. A lot of the YT tutorials talk about tiny spatulas or other small utensils but it's really just easiest to use what's already handy.

WOW, were my efforts ever rewarded! I couldn't believe how much product I got out of this tiny little bottle. I would never have thought that there was this much product in the bottle to begin with, so I was pleasantly surprised to see enough left to last another month or longer.

UDPP, now a convenient jar!

It was pretty easy to do, but I wouldn't do it again on a bottle this small. Holding the tiny bottle in place with a big knife is tricky, and I would prefer to keep all of my fingers. I'm sure I will chop up the last 2 genie bottles I have, I certainly don't want to waste any of my HG eye primer!!

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