Friday, December 2, 2011

Sleek MakeUp Haul, Review & Swatches!

Be jealous, all of you non-Europeans, I was finally able to get my hands on some Sleek Makeup products!  *squeal*

Okay, so it's not actually that hard to acquire Sleek since they do ship international, but the $10 shipping is a bit of a turnoff if there isn't a sale. Fortunately I was online when they were having a flash 20% off sale and decided to order a few things.
I had a few problems with the website, every time I would go through the checkout it would dump my cart. It was a huge PITA and finally I sent an email over to customer service and they put in my order for me. Apparently website problems are a common occurrence each time they have a sale but I can't say enough good things about their CS.
I also have a fabulously awesome friend who was willing to pick up a few things that were sold out online and send them to me. <3

First up are the blushes!

L to R: Suede, Life's a Peach, Pomegranate, Rose Gold

 The love for Sleek blushes is pretty apparent over on my favorite makeup board and since I have a new-found love for blush I was pretty stoked to try these out. I've always had blush issues with my oily cheeks; finding a blush to last more than 3 or 4 hours is a hard job so I end up tossing them or giving them away. I will NOT be getting rid of any of these, I want more!


Life's A Peach


Rose Gold

  • Suede: A warm light brown matte blush, this is my new favorite contour color. It makes a great natural color for the cheeks as well.
  • Life's A Peach: The color is in the name of this one, a matte peach blush that looks scarier in the pan than on your cheeks.
  • Pomegranate: A very pigmented berry toned shimmer blush. I am loving the color on this one
  • Rose Gold: This is a shimmery pinkish-coral blush which many say is a dupe NARS Orgasm. (Post comparing the two to come.)

L to R: Suede, Life's A Peach, Pomegranate, Rose Gold

All of these shades last 7-8 hours on my cheeks, with the exception of Rose Gold which only lasts for about 5. (Disclaimer: Shimmery blushes never seem to last as long on me, so it's not unexpected.)
My ONLY problem with these blushes is the packaging. I love the simple black rectangular design but the clasps are a little hard to open. I'm always messing up my polish when I open them. :( I believe a de-potting is in their future.

Now on to the eyeshadow palettes!
All eyeshadow swatches are two swipes over Urban Decay's Primer Potion.

The Au Naturel Palette is part of the Nude Collection and has 12 mainly cool-toned shadows. This palette has a variety of both matte and shimmery shades. The bottom row on this palette is full of wonderfully pigmented shadows but the top row has colors that are really meant for transitioning or a very natural look to the lid.

Sleek Au Naturel Palette

Sleek Au Naturel Swatches

I've used my au naturel palette several times and I really like it. I have a love of neutral palettes and this one is no exception.

Can  you tell what her favorite face for photos is? I swear, I do NOT put her up to it.

Next up is the Me, Myself and Eye Palette which Sleek made in collaboration with PPQ, a Bristish fashion store. This palette is packed with great pigmented colors and fabulous names like Barry White, Lilac Allen and Salt 'n Peppermint.
I did a FOTD with this a couple days ago and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.You can check it out here.
Sleek Me, Myself and Eye
Sleek Me, Myself and Eye Swatches

The Oh So Special Palette makes me smile when I look at it because the colors are so pretty and feminine. It contains pinks, plums and neutrals- a must in every girls collection! My picture does quite capture how pretty this is in the pan but I assure you that it is.
I've not used this palette yet other than for swatching but if I needed to carry a palette with me for a day-to-night look, I would definitely choose this one.

Sleek Oh So Special Palette

Sleek Oh So Special Swatches

The Acid Palette. The name of this one really says it all. WOW. It's wild and bright and certainly takes some balls to walk out of the house with any of these shades on. Every shadow in this palette is seriously pigmented with the exception of the matte white shade.
One of these poor shadows had a bumpy ride in transit so I had to preform emergency surgery to save it. No worries, the procedure was a success!
According to US FDA regulations, this palette cannot be sold in the US so if you want one, you need to know somebody who will pick it up in-store.

Sleek Acid Palette

Sleek Acid Swatches

I couldn't help but dive right in to this palette because the colors scream, "PLAY WITH ME!!" I wasn't at home with my brushes so I had to use the sponge applicator for both of these looks. It made me appreciate my brushes even more, haha!

You can find Sleek Makeup products on their website and they are sold at Superdrug stores in the UK.
If you have any questions about particular shades please leave me a comment and I'll get back to you.

Do you own any Sleek products? Which are your favorites?


  1. Pomegranate looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm always scared to buy it though as the shimmer in Rose Gold is way too much for me! Great Haul!

  2. @Midnight Violets- You should definitely check out Pomegranate! It has a slight shimmer but it's nowhere near as shimmery as Rose Gold.
    The color is awesome though. I admit that I have to use a light hand with it's too much for my pale skin, haha!!

  3. Awesome, I always stayed well clear thinking it would be as shimmery as Rose Gold, will definitely be picking this up next time I'm in town! Sleek blushes are such great value!