Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wearable Candy-corn Inspired Eye

I never can seem to quite get caught up to where I want to be with my blogging. Life keeps throwing one thing after another in my path but I'm still trying.
To prove just how behind I am, this is a look I wore the night we took the kids trick-or-treating and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Ooops. 

I saw a couple of eye looks that were inspired by one of my favorite fall treats, candy corn. You can check out some by Makeup Geek and Siryn, both looks are fabulous!

Unfortunately, I am not the owner of either a bright yellow or bright orange shadow so I gave it a shot with that I had. The result was a very subtle look and wearable look.

I did this the night that we went trick-or-treating so I was a bit rushed. My mascara smudged on my eyelid and I didn't even notice until after I left the house. Figures.
Sorry for the untamed brows, but at least I finally plucked them! :D

Products used:
Clinique DDMG
Monistat soothing care chafing relief powder gel
Revlon Colorstay Foundation mixed with MAC SFF
Benefit erase paste in fair
Tarte AC Blush in dollface
MAC Blot Powder in medium
BE Wearable Pistachio Light- inside corner and highlight
BE Petunia  - mid lid
MAC Paradisco- outer 3rd of eye
MAC Fluidline blacktrack
Kate Mascara Base
Benefit They're Real Mascara

My apologies but I have completely forgotten what I used on my lips. I know I mixed a couple shades but in my haste, I forgot to write them down. :(

Little Miss Red Riding Hood was allowed to wear a bit of makeup, which actually was a bad idea because every day since I have heard, "Mommy, I need to put my makeups on!"

She's wearing Illamasqua blush in Panic, a touch of Revlon's Really Red Lipstick with clear Bonne Bell lipgloss on top and Shiseido highlighter in beam white.

Little Red & the Big Bad Wolf, although he would clarify that he was a werewolf whenever asked. I learned that we're not quite ready for masks yet since he tripped about a million times. Can't fault him for being clumsy, he comes by it naturally... thanks to yours truly!

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