Saturday, September 24, 2011

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Review

I have finally jumped on the MAC Cosmetics bandwagon, and I am a huge fan. Seriously, why did I not try this stuff sooner? *SMH*

I have some friends who rave about the studio sculpt foundation but I was a little afraid that it would have a too much moisture for my oily skin right now. (I might give it a try in the winter when humidity isn't such an issue.)

I ordered the Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 online after reading many, MANY reviews and swatches. (Seriously, thank God for Makeupalley and Google. Both are such handy tools when you can't just run in-store.) I'm really fair so going with the lightest shade was a no-brainier, especially after I read so many fair skinned gals complain that the SFF shades run darker than the other MAC foundation shades. According to MAC, I should be a warm shade because of the pink/rosy undertones in my skin but so many reviews talked about how the warm shades in SFF were too orange for them, and I know from previously experience that I certainly cannot do foundation with an orange tint. Oompa Loompa, anyone?

SFF applied with quickness on greasy skin
I was so excited to see that black box on my doorstep that I ran inside and applied it on top of my 6 hour old tinted moisturizer greasy skin with my fingers. If it can look good on top of THAT, there must be something special about this stuff.
Morning application
Evening results
I applied the SFF with a sponge for a couple of days and while it still looks great, neither sponge or fingers are my first choice for applying liquid foundation. It's harder to get an even look with my fingers and the sponge soaks up too much makeup. What a waste! The SFF still looks pretty great with a sponge, if I do say so myself.
Morning close-up
Evening close-up
I also added a comparison pics from right after application to the end of the day. (About 8 hours, I believe.) You might think I look like a hot mess by the end of the day, but with my oily skin, I promise that it's a good thing!

My new favorite application method is stippling with a MAC 187. In combination with the SFF it gives my skin an almost flawless, airbrushed finish. My skin looks great with this on and it covers fabulously. I still use a bit of undereye concealer with it but nothing on blemishes.

Applied with stippling method
Yes, I spent the whole day with my eyes closed. :P

I have combination-to-oily skin, (I occasionally get dry spots but it's very rare and only in the winter,) and this foundation is perfect for me. By the end of the day my skin has a slight sheen to it when wearing this, but that could be corrected with a dusting of powder. That is a first for me since most foundations leave me with shiny cheeks within a few hours.
The coverage is anywhere from medium to full, depending on the application. It's a very easily buildible foundation without becoming cakey or blotchy. It does take a little while to dry, which is great for adding coverage but not for when you're in a hurry. It has somewhere between a natural and matte finish when applied to my skin. I would call it one step under matte, if that makes sense. Another great thing is how little product I actually need to use to achieve this look.  One pump is plenty when using the stippling method.

There are only two things that I dislike about this product and both are related to the packaging. It comes in a glass bottle so I think that traveling with it would be an issue and I also had to buy a pump for it separately. Really MAC, you know we need that pump to get it out of the small opening. Way to make a few extra bucks. ;)

While this formula is fabulous for my oilier skin, I'm not sure that it would work well for those with really dry skin.  There really isn't a "one-size fits all" foundation, but I'm sure that there are those who will love this just as much as I do. This foundation is well on it's way to becoming a HG foundation for me!!


  1. I'm glad it works well for you :) I have dry skin and like Studio Sculpt. I'm in the process of trying to finish it up currently, but the 10 other foundations in my drawer are calling for my attention as well... whoops.

  2. Haha, that just means you are an equal opportunity foundation user. :P